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Political campaigns offer the opportunity to develop and refine a wide assortment of skills in an extremely fast-paced and flexible environment. Moreover, they give a unique perspective into the electoral process, as well as the cares and concerns of elected officials and the Indian public. Campaign work can often lead directly or indirectly to government employment down the road.

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Another feather in our cap is revolutionizing the way consumers view Politics. With technological advancements, there has been a shift in the way people perceive politics. We at the wings india help with the political research of your brand, service or product and redefine it as per consumer needs.

With this, the name of your brand or business venture can be exceptionally rolled out to the entire world without any limitations of geography or access. There’s a massive reach through digital mediums of advertising.

Thus, we also work to provide you with the best political research work and scrutinize any hindrances to your brand’s promotion and advertisement.

We culture your political needs and demands and balance it with the market demands, keeping it as transparent as we can.

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The Wings Political Research Campaign

Electoral battles are not only fought with development and politics alone but with statistical analysis of voting trends and deep understanding regarding key and swing constituencies. 

This is possible with our statistical analysis of data collected by more than 250 survey executives located in various regions across India.

Working under the leadership of Mr. Pramod Kumar we are a group of dedicated professionals who bring to your research about the position of your party in Loksabha or Vidhansabha constituency in any state.

 Mr. Pramod Kumar has over 25 years of experience in election survey and campaign management. We have been helping candidates win an election for more than three years with help of our predictions and able election management.


  • Door to Door Poll Analysis by Survey Executives
  • 15+ Years of Expertise in Election Survey
  • 250+ Survey Executives across PAN INDIA
  • We use analytic tools, Research Methodologies & Innovative Strategies to prepare the Poll Report
  • 100% Accuracy Rate

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