'The Wings Learning Center' is an initiative to provide multi-disciplinary services to the children with special needs. The aim of 'special need children support program' is to provide an appropriate help to children who face life long challenges of developmental disabilities, autism, ADHD, Down's syndrome, cerebral palsy etc. Our services include special education, speech therapy, behaviour modification, family counselling and group sessions.

  • We developed, implement and monitored an individual plan for each child.
  • We provide group sessions as we believe that trough play therapy and different creative multi sensory activities, children explore, experiment, enjoy and discover their physical, social, emotional and intellectual world around them.
  • The parents and caregivers of special need children have to overcome challenges to bring them up. We conduct workshops to support them to interact better with their children and deal with their behaviour.
  • Speech therapist provide assessment  and diagnosis, recommend prescriptive goals and provide remediation where needed.
  • The behaviour management strategies are designed according to individual needs. ABA programme has been used to get the best outcome. positive reinforcement techniques are also commonly used.