A large number of children in India are born with special needs. They can be social, financial, mental and physical burden to their families. Through lack of knowledge and financial crisis of the family, the children who face the life-long challenges do not get the appropriate help they need. There are several organisations in India that cater to the special need of children. Founder members of 'THE WINGS' decide to become a part of this support and contribute to the welfare of the children with special needs. We started our journey with special need children support programme, through which we are helping children rise beyond their challenges and lead a fuller more productive lives. After working one year in the field of special education, 'THE WINGS' team decided to extend its support to the underprivileged children who have less opportunity to access essential resources needed to support healthy childhood development- including education, leisure and recreational activities and life skills values.  Every child is unique and is blessed with different skills and talents. Our  aim is to facilitate deprived children through education, creative activities and life skills development and thereby improving the lives of disadvantaged children.